Thursday, 26 October 2017

Welcome To Our Blog

A club that was formed back in 1985 to unite creative people
 together, and to share their knowledge and craft journeys along the way.

We have watched friendships develop throughout these years, 
as a Craft Sisterhood was formed,
and today our Club stands at 5483 Members.

Throughout these years we have welcomed Teachers on board
to Inspire our Members at Workshops,  through their own Knowledge,
Techniques and Methods, introducing the wonderful products 
the Craft Industry has to offer us today.

Our Club caters for those who enjoy
Scrapbooking - Cardmaking - Off the Page - Mixed Media 
Journaling - Quilting - Sewing - Knitting - Crochet 
Pottery - Floristry - Painting - Cake Decorating and more....

Most of all we are renowned for our
 Boutique Styled Retreats as well.

One thing we can assure our Members, 
is that when our Team is choosing Accommodation 
for our next Workshop Retreat,
our Team will make sure that there is 
 (No Bunk Beds)

So if you are looking to expand your knowledge, 
meet new Friends, make Memories,
or simple tick things off your bucket list.
join our Club today